If you've had the pleasure of reading comments like this, you may be aware of Elden Ring Runes Elden Ring, developer FromSoftware's most recent game that released towards the end February to a flurry of praise.

Enter the tower to get inside the castle walls. Within, you'll come across two sleeping guards that can be easily killed when they attempt to get up. There's a ladder on your left. Rather, you can walk under it and sneak into the barrels to take an assault on the guard that patrols the zone. Once he is defeated you can freely take the Hookclaws found in the corner to the back of the room.

Return to the stairs and make your way up to the platform on the top. As enemies attack, they will throw firebombs to you to set off the barrels at the top of the stairs. So, roll backwards prior to the blast's explosion as you run up the stairs and kill both of the guards before they can attack you with further bombs. On this platform, you'll find a locked door we aren't allowed to use right now, but go just to the right of door for the Throwing Dagger x5.

Make a turn and walk up the next set of stairs where you will come across a hallway that contains a Smoldering Butterfly 3 and more explosive barrels for you to dodge. Kill the enemy aheadof you, then smash the debris behind you and you will be able to see another set staircases. Kill those who are at just the summit of stairs. Then go down to elden ring weapons for sale pick up the Golden Rune [2] on the platform below.