There's a good chance that London will not be offended that we sent them the Falcons and Jets. It's almost certainly an act of Madden 22 coinsw warfare however they'll be so happy just having football, they won't even notice that we're sending them two of the worst teams in the NFL.

But the game can become a bit insane. Every Falcons game ends up being absolutely insane. In 2014, the Falcons were defeated 22-21 by the Lions after losing an early lead of 21-0 at halftime. This is the worst franchise collapse that I've witnessed. We all know that Super Bowl LI was a mockery.

What I want to communicate is that the Falcons will be leading during the second half but then they'll fall. It's almost going to appear as if they're used to this.

After a month of watching Washington and buy Mut 22 coins Saints, I realized that I don't know how to pick a match between these teams. Let me make it clear I'm pretty bad when it comes to picking Washington and Saints games.