If you've experienced the joy of Elden Ring Runes reading comments like this, then you could be familiar with Elden Ring, developer FromSoftware's most recent game released towards the end of February to a flurry of praise.

Bromojumbo, a Twitter user, got involved by posting fan artwork of Tyrunt Tyrantrum two famous Fossil Pokemon based on the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, with an Elden Ring twist. Tyrunt and Tyrantrum are usually depicted as reptiles with scaly skin sporting bright, orange-colored crests, and ruffs of feathers. This redesign gives them coats of reddish and brown fur respectively, which give them a distinct canine look, as well as the hollow eyes made of black and white that appear on some of Elden's most terrifying enemies.

Bromojumbo's attempt at combining adorable Pokemon with the scary Elden Ring enemy results in two creatures that run the border between cool and creepy. Their version of Tyrunt is a dark grey-brown lizard covered in fur tufts as it stands in the standard position of a Tyrunt and its tongue dangling out like dogs. The Tyrantrum features a more dog-like head with canine ears, instead of being a crest and has reddened scars , instead of a scale design. It also has a black collar with spikes, which is a stylistic decision to make it appear more like a dog. Both designs are black with eyes of dogs and gray accents.

Elden Ring Attack Timing Turns Margit Fight Into Action Movie Trailer

The precise timing of attacks between an Elden Ring player and boss transforms Margit and the Fell Omen battle into a Michael Bay movie trailer. Widely considered one of Elden's most powerful bosses, Margit, the Fell Omen is a threat to those who attempt to venture into Stormveil Castle. Though he technically counts as an optional miniboss, this particular villain can be quite intimidating in combat in such a way that some players might want to cheap Elden Ring Items try their hand at parrying before taking him on.