For Lost Ark players, in order to upgrade their gear in the game and buy items at the auction house, they need to have enough Lost Ark Gold. However, completing Una's Tasks can help players earn a lot of gold with minimal effort. Una's Tasks is an endgame quest system and one of the main sources of gold for players. Players can instantly earn massive amounts of Lost Ark Gold as long as they complete daily and weekly missions. Players can visit MMOWTS for an in-depth look at what Una's Tasks are and how to complete them. How to Find the Best Lost Ark Gold Seller? MMOWTS can help you.

Una's Tasks is a daily and weekly quest system that unlocks once players reach level 50. Players can access player tasks by clicking on "Adventures" in the lower right corner of the screen and selecting the "Una's Tasks" option. Players can also access this menu by pressing Alt + J. These quests are easy to complete and help players earn Una tokens.

Pick up a daily or weekly quest from Una's quest menu, complete the listed objectives, then return to Una's quest UI to complete the quest. Daily quests require the player to travel to a location in Arkesia and complete a small task, such as killing a few enemies or collecting some Lost Ark Gold items. Weekly missions are linked to Lost Ark's endgame events and progression system, such as harvesting multiple Guardian Spirits or collecting rare materials while sailing.

Players can only complete three daily quests per day. Only three weekly tasks can be completed each week. Dailies can be played anywhere in Lost Ark. Daily quests tell the player which areas the quest requires the player to visit. Before accepting the mission, the player can click the "location" button at any time to discover the location of the mission. Some missions take place in the same area, so players can save some areas in the Bifrost slot to save time.

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By default, completing daily quests will grant you reputation with specific NPCs, some materials or useful currency, and points to earn Una Tokens. However, if the player misses any of the character's daily completions, the daily rewards will be doubled. Players can purchase a consumable called "Una's Task Instant Complete Ticket" from the Cash Shop to instantly complete daily Una's Tasks up to the player's daily cap.

Weeklies revolve around Lost Ark's various endgame events that require players to complete a certain number of events in order to earn rewards. Players can only earn all of the listed rewards after completing weekly missions, and they can only have one weekly mission active at any one time. If players want to get Lost Ark Gold more easily, the best way is to buy them directly from MMOWTS. Because MMOWTS offers players the lowest prices and discount promo codes that allow them to get more Lost Ark Gold for less money.