Amazon's MMO New World has been a hit with players since its release, though there are still issues and glitches in the game. But New World has recently put the spotlight on Russia's invasion of Ukraine as Amazon joins the ranks of companies fighting the conflict. In protest of Russia's actions, Amazon appears to have shelved its ongoing Russian version of New World.

Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Gaming, confirmed in an interview that the company has stopped localizing New World in Russia. Amazon isn't the only company to suspend activities in Russia to protest the Ukrainian invasion, but it may be one of the biggest to do so. By the way, NewWorldCoins provides players with a lot of New World Coins to help them become stronger.

According to the interview, Hartmann directly confirmed that the localization of New World has been suspended because of the war. It's unclear whether Amazon will suspend other elements of many of its services in Russia in the future, or other games. However, several other companies have taken drastic action to take a stand against the conflict. Why is now the Best Time to Buy New World Coins? Because is currently running a promotion.

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Tech giant Apple is no longer selling its products in Russia in an attempt to pressure Russia to prevent an attack on Ukraine. GSC Game World has completely stopped development on STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl until the end of the war. Until then, GSC Game World reported that it was focused on keeping employees and their families safe, which may not be surprising given the impact of the invasion on the Ukrainian gaming industry.

Microsoft also announced plans to suspend all new sales in Russia, including sales of Xbox devices, a decision that could have wider implications than stopping the localization of individual games or even New World. CD Projekt Red also announced plans to stop selling The Witcher game and Cyberpunk 2077 in Russia and Belarus in solidarity with Ukraine.

While these actions by the gaming industry giants may not be enough to end the war, they do make it clear that Ukraine has a lot of support around the world. For New World players, New World Coins play a very important role in order to experience more fun in the game. To make it easy for players to get enough New World Coins, NewWorldCoins is ready to offer them the cheapest New World Coins on the market with instant delivery.