The fastest way to get to the area is with OSRS GP an teleport called the Rada's Blessing 3 or 4 teleport. If you do not are able to access this, then take a look at using the fairy-ring code ci-r. Or rub a Skills Necklace and selecting the Farming Guild teleport.

The prerequisites to receive the slayer mission from Konar is a minimum combat level of 75. You'll require membership to gain access to ZAH. Zeah continent. Be aware that it's important to remember that you may pay for membership through bonds by earning coins in-game.

Like others Slayer Masters, Konar's tasks require players to go to one specific spot to kill monsters. The result is that players are able to get the Brimstone Key in the course of their work as a drop. The drop rate for these keys is dependent on the level of battle of the monster that's being killed but it ranges between one-fifty and one-hundred.

Brimstone Keys can later be transported to cheap RS gold a chest right next to Konar where players will receive benefits that will increase their earnings. The typical key is worth around 103,000 gold. So it's certainly worth cashing in following the completion of your mission.