As we all know, Lost Ark released Abyssal Raid Argos a week ago, and many players are wondering what they will experience in the game in the near future. While the game's roadmap for the next few months was leaked a few days ago, the developer mentioned that its content could change, especially given the average progression of the player base that will be experienced this month.

Since the launch of Argos, there has been a constant discussion about when to release premium content. Buy Lost Ark Gold at Record Prices from MMOWTS. While some players were disappointed to see new high-end content released too quickly and still stuck at Level 2 or 1, others favored quick updates to catch up with the Korean version that was released a few years ago. Amazon Games recently shared an update to this roadmap and explained how it plans to introduce new content to Lost Ark in the coming months.

The leaked roadmap suggests that the next two advanced classes will be April's Destroyer and May's Arcana. Amazon Gaming says classes will be released sooner, based on data collected from various community centers. However, as the leaked roadmap shows, it's unclear if the Lost Ark Buy Gold plan will be to release an advanced class per month. By the way, MMOWTS is currently holding a promotion, welcome to visit!

Since the developer's priority is to accelerate players' progress until the third tier of content, it plans to provide players with more progression material that will allow them to earn money through fun in-game activities. It will introduce new rewards for the Arkesia Grand Prix, a fun tournament that can be played once a day per roster introduced a week ago. The new event Guardian Raids will also reward grinding materials, and the first Competitive Proving Grounds season will kick off as soon as planned.

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Event Guardian raids will feature casual raids similar to traditional ones, with more information to be shared in next week's update. The developer will also inject more gold from the mid to late game, although it didn't specify how. Finally, the developer reiterated its stance against bots and revealed a gift event to celebrate the game's release in the West, similar to what happened previously with the Korean version of the game.

Starting March 21, players will log in to receive a batch of gifts, including skins, pets, mounts, fortress structures, cosmetic change tickets, and various currencies. In addition, if players lack time to play games due to work and urgently need a lot of Lost Ark Gold, they can go to MMOWTS for help. They have provided high-quality services to tens of thousands of players from all over the world and are trusted by players.