It is possible to erase the account that WOW TBC Gold you created in the summer. The addiction hasn't completely gone away yet, you're still hanging on. It's a pain that you became addicted at very young age and throughout your formative times. This makes it even more difficult. It makes it even more difficult, yet it also makes it so enjoyable to finally be able to overcome the addiction. Because it will mean something. There is no doubt that you will quit WoW for the good. The only question is the amount of yourself and your future life you're willing can give to Blizzard and a 17 year old game before you can move into the future.

It may be worthwhile to look for help from outside. It's essential for someone to ensure you are accountable and be available whenever you require them.

They gave you a choice to keep your character in the vanilla realms at Naxx and progress your character's journey through the Dark Portal to the TBC expansion.

TBC is the default state for 99% of players since there is no new content in vanilla.

Some characters remained vanilla, which is why you have the option but I wouldn't advise this as the characters are not that high and it is impossible to change that character's character to TBC. Furthermore, they're coming out with Season of Mastery which is essentially vanilla on a 12 month repeat cycle. This will most likely replace the classic servers.

We expect that they will upgrade the TBC servers to Wrath classic just like they did in the previous expansion, with possibly the option to keep your characters on the dead TBC servers.

I'm contemplating getting back into WoW (was avidly playing it up until the beginning of Cataclysm. I loved WotLK from the beginning to the final day and am looking to switch to Classic or Classic TBC. I'm not sure how Classic and Classic TBC operate. If I design a character in Classic will I never be able to use that character for Classic TBC content? What is the outcome when there is a Classic TBC character is released and Classic WotLK is released? Don't really understand the progression through these various classic games , and would appreciate it if someone could help clear things up for me.

Current classic server is classic time. It's deliberately stuck on the Naxx patches. TBC is an advancement server and cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold is currently in phase 2 with content from T5 released. We'll probably progress to Wrath although it's not yet announced.