OK everyone knows that the illegal gold trading as well as the indrect issues it causes (autoers) is the main issue for Jagex and is a matter they have battled for many years, with limited successes RS Gold. The idea isn't revolutionary, but it's slighty modified to limit the negative effects of its implementation.

It is however based around the idea that Jagex could sell gold in order to counter the black gold trade possible to make less profit for gold sellers reducing their incentive to market Runescape gold and , consequently, decreasing their motivation to use autoers and reduce the game participation for other players.

I think that if Jagex made a sale of Runescape gold, they would not only make more money and in turn reinvest it into the game but they would surely be serving a larger segment of the Runescape players who would be willing to spend money on gold.

In selling gold, however, I'd like to believe that Jagex may be able put a limit on the amount of gold an individual player can purchase in any given month, to reduce not only their own risk but also to make game play the main source of revenue, not to mention preventing playing bankrolling aspects that are inherent to the sport.

Jagex might also be looking at various methods utilized by other MMORPGs to address the black market problem , like the creation of special servers that allowed this type of trading to take place. My suggestion is long, but those points above provide the basic idea of it Cheap OSRS Fire Cape. If you're interested in reading everything, please click the link below. Are you convinced?