Did you know that they said Korasi's was overpowered? Dharok's was the same however it was overpowered RS Gold. It was ridiculously overpowered, in fact. It's logical to nerf it to match any other Barrows equipment. The problem is that you don't get it, Jagex doesn't understand the concept of the term "nerf.

It is used to stop something being overpowered and return it to a level where it is acceptable They have created dharoks another set of generic gear of level 70 which is insignificant compared to Veracs. Jagex have to stop turning usable contents into useless content. Barrows is one release away of becoming obsolete in the manner it stands.

No, that is not because they do not know how to nerf things - it's because of the problem with the tier system itself. Tier systems are an HORRIBLE idea. For those who have not thought about it, nearly all guns and armour is now made to scale in an extremely simple, direct relationship with requirements levels. The result of this is the end of any uniqueness of arms or weapons.

Items like Korasi or Royal crossbow which had applications that were specialized are now reduced to mere weapons. Ganodermic can no longer be in comparison to Virtus in terms of more soak and defense versus more life boost and offense Buy RS 3 Gold: Virtus is now simply "better by five levels."