Many players may open individual cards and card packs when playing Lost Ark, and players will also encounter creative shards that are slightly different from normal cards. When using it, the player will receive a prompt asking if the player would like to add it to the player's collection. While players can search for it in the card catalog, players won't find any results right away. Players can visit to learn everything.

Creation Fragments are used to enhance the player's cards, as opposed to regular cards that are added to the player's catalog and provide the player with bonuses. Each Creation Shard a player earns gives the player 3,000 XP to use on the player's card. Players can use XP to awaken the player's card to enhance the player's set bonus. Players need to go to the card catalog and select the boost tab to wake up the card.

Players will find the "Increase" tab when they have max XP on a card, but don't have another identical card to level it up. When a player has a duplicate card, the player will find the "Awakening" tab that tells the player to upgrade the card. After awakening the card, an orange gem will appear. Having a certain amount of Awakening Gems on a Lost Ark Gold player's card will unlock additional set bonuses. For example, most 6-card sets will have 18 Awakened and 30 Awakened bonuses.

This means that when the player has a total of 18 and 30 Awakening Gems between the six cards of the selected suit, the player will unlock the stated bonus. If players want to see the exact bonus buffs they will receive, they should head to the card catalog and hover over "Set Effect Details" next to each deck. Additionally, players can visit MMOWTS at any time to purchase Lost Ark Gold to upgrade their character's skill level.