There were reports this afternoon it was reported that Tom Brady, who is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in Mut 22 coins the NFL He is expected to be retiring. The announcement (which is a bit controversial at the moment) was received with mixed feelings from a lot of NFL fans. While some were happy to hear Brady's seven time Super Bowl champion would finally quit the game, others were saddened to see the passing of an period. Some of the people who had the chance to speak about their feelings on Brady being leaving the NFL in the present were Madden fans, who also considered his contribution to the well-loved football video game series throughout the decades.

Perhaps the most interesting thing that several Madden fans raised today in relation to Brady's retirement is how long he's been playing. Brady's career spans 22 years in total so he's been a part of the series since Madden 2001. In fact, Brady remains the last active NFL player to have played to play in the Madden game that was released on a cartridge.

Others happened to bring up how amazing Brady's career in Madden was, just like his own career. When Brady first appeared playing the online game, the game had a meagre 51 overall rating. Since then Brady has been able to grace both covers different Madden series and has seen his ranking climb all the way to a 99 overall. Actually, his last image on the cover Madden took place this season with Madden NFL 22. If this is the final chapter of his career in some ways, Brady is sure to come out in the top position.

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