So I suggest you always practice using slayer It shouldn't be too long to build up to 70 all in all, maybe a few days depending on cheap runescape gold how long you play each day.

A great way to set up Slayer that's fairly inexpensive is to make use of a Slayer Helm or Neitznot (sp?) Helm until you acquire the slayer's helm Amulet of Glory, Fighter Torso (can easily be acquired in a matter of hours) torag's platelegs Verac's Plateskirt , if you'll use prayer for your assignments as it grants the prayer bonus, Whip/Dragon Scimitar Dragon Defender, and Dragon Boots and Obsidian Cape (unless you own an afghan cape or a skillcape).

Keep in mind that this is just an idea for equipment You can always change things to a different level. For example, you can replace your defender with Obsidian's shield if feel like you need the additional defensive boost. And you can always utilize dragon plateleg's if you do not wish to repair the barrow's armor as it breaks down in combat.

Additionally, if you do not meet the requirements of the quest for the helms, do them. If you are planning to undertake any sort of killing, go through the Smoking Kills quest as soon as possible. Don't be afraid of trying out different options and see the results you get.

This entire setup will cost about 2-2.5M, and is an ideal overall setup for killing. Remember to also use some of that cash to buy super sets (Super Strength/Attack/Defence potions) that you should be using on ALL your slayer tasks.

It might appear like you are spending lots of money initially, but it improves your efficiency considerably and is well-worth the investment, as you will reap the benefits of the slayer drops or clue scrolls, regardless.

In a training melee context where defense does not matter, only the attack and prayer are taken into consideration. In pc the prayer will be helpful as is the attack. The prayer bonus will not affect the dps in the same way as it will affect the use of the prayer pot if you're doing an activity that is prayer-based outside of the computer. This means that it's down to 10 attack vs 4 str. Which is better? In the right context str amy could be better than a glory. PC is the instance I've used throughout my.

The fury seems to be the best of both worlds since it has the same offensive, but it reduces the str gap to half and makes it adaptable to any scenario. With the additional prayer and the 15 defense to everything, its no wonder it's in the millions.

We all dont have that money, and the prices of furies are so unstable that I am not at all comfortable holding one (even when i am right in the moment) and i'd like to know the opinions of you... Do you guys think? Does the spotlight always belong to with the Str ammy? Are there old school runescape accounts for sale other situations besides PCs where the strammy could shine?