Overview-Has lower defensive capabilities than armor set 1 and is costly, however none of the stuff decreases RS Gold. Also, it has a solid Strength and Prayer bonuses as well as a defender that increases offensive potentialities. What should I play? Feel free to make changes, but I'd never wish to have a DFS alongside the Bandos setup or any Amulets of Furies, or a Berserker Ring since they're both 10m and 3m. A bit of a rip tbh...

Hello I have a question about combat training and since efficiency has never really been my thing , I thought someone on this forum could give me guidance. I'm planning to become members shortly and I would like to achieve my goal of completing my combat (I've been with this account for quite a while now, and do not know why I haven't done this before). ...). Would it be better to be able to fight at the highest level while gaining 99 slayers, or is it better just to get the power to improve the skills of spiders or bandits?

I've heard it's more profitable to use slayer but also seems to take longer which can be used on other money-making methods. Also, if you don't mind, what would be the best set-up (preferable under 20 million) for your method. At the end of the day, is your training just based on preference?

It's not necessary to have the top items to train with, the benefits are only a small percentage that you do not need to learn via Slayer as well. The suggestion to train Slayer comes from high level players who have looked back and said, "meh, wish I trained Slayer Now I'm at 138, and have 10 more levels to go." ...". The skill does offer two major benefits, and that's:

Every time you kill something, it's different. You can cancel a task in case you do not like killing something. The disadvantages is that eventually you'll be bored as well, and you can only take out five monsters RuneScape Gold 2007. Also, some monsters aren't good for training melee.