Since most of Lost Ark's endgame content is closed, players with multiple characters who regularly complete endgame content will be rewarded more than players who only play individual characters. The developers of Smilegate RPG are offering a power pass for players who may not have time to level up multiple characters, which allows players to benefit from a roster with multiple top-level characters.

After completing the game's main story, the Power Pass will be sent to the player's account via the in-game mail system. Thrones Pass is essentially a level-up that allows characters using it to bypass Lost Ark's story. On the character selection screen, you'll see the Cheap Lost Ark Gold giant power pass button when selecting a character that can use the pass. From there players simply use the pass for the desired character.

Power Pass does not immediately grant players a level 50 character. Instead, using a Power Pass on a character unlocks the so-called Adventurer's Path. It's a massively compressed upscaling process that's actually a cliff-note version of the Lost Ark story. After completing the Adventurer's Path, players will find themselves with a new level 50 equipped with gear appropriate for the Endgame Vern content.

Immediately after using the one Power Pass earned for completing the main story, players will receive a second, completely free Power Pass again via in-game mail. This means that players only need to go through the full leveling process of Lost Ark once to have three endgame-ready characters. This can save a lot of time for those players with limited time.

Getting two free Power Passes can help level the playing field for Lost Ark Gold players who don't have enough time to immerse themselves in a massive MMO. Alternatively, players can simply use the Power Pass for whatever class the player finds interesting. Also, MMOWTS will help players become stronger as any player can buy Lost Ark Gold there to arm themselves quickly.