"They use this cash flow to FUT 22 Coins ensure their future security by acquiring the intellectual properties and talents as well as establishing their presence into new niches," Joost Van Dreunen, a lecturer on game business and business New York University, said.Acquiring studios with strong mobile franchises will enable EA to inherit the expertise and make money from the existing players at the same time.

EA claims that FIFA's Ultimate Team preview packs have increased sales.EA CEO Andrew Wilson has said that the preview packs that are new for FIFA 21's Ultimate Team mode have been "well appreciated by the community" and has boosted sales.

According to PC Gamer, during an investor meeting on August 4th, Wilson said that Preview Packs resulted in "an an increase in participation", as well as "a more rapid conversion of spenders."

"It began to drop towards the closing of the season therefore some of the data has to be taken in this perspective, however, we are committed to advancing the way we work in all of the offers we make and programs we design for our players, and believe that we can continue to expand our business in the future," he added.

The Preview Packs were added in Ultimate Team in June, which allows players to view the contents of each box prior to cheap FIFA 22 Coins buying. The change was brought about by requests from various organizations, including governments, children's welfare organizations, as well as gambling charities, as reports have shown the connection between loot boxes and gambling.