Players need to prepare enough MUT Coins to add some incredible MUT 22 Legends to their Madden Ultimate Team lineup. The good news is that Madden 22 has brought enthusiasm to the newest member of Legends set. Some players may have seen the secrets of these two players. One is the cerebral quarterback Tony Romo, and the other is a terrifying safety called Weapon X.

MUT 22 Legends comprises some of the most legendary players in NFL history. These new members are definitely an important part of their team and NFL alumni. But Tony Romo has been an integral part of Cowboys’ success for many years. Although he never won a Super Bowl ring, he still fell as the incredible Cowboys QB. Brian Dawkins was a defensive nightmare during the NFL. Because of his talent for tough strikes and interceptions, he earned notoriety and the nickname “Weapon X”.

If players want to add these two to their team, they first need to buy MUT 22 Coins. For Romo, players will want an offense that takes full advantage of the game’s actions. If they run bootleg, his 81 SPD will help them spread out and pass the ball into the low court. If they had the Dallas Cowboys Theme Team, he would be better. Brian Dawkins is also very suitable for joining players’ teams. If players put him in the MLB, Dawkins will control the field with his 95 ZCV and his hitting power of 96, which makes him likely to fumble on your defense.

If players want to skip completing many MUT 22 challenges to earn gift packs and possibly get these legends, they can buy them at the auction house. However, you should know since these are the latest cards in the Legends promotion, they will be quite expensive for a while. If they do not have enough MUT Coins to pay for these MUT 22 Legends fees, they can Buy MUT Coins Madden 22 at GameMS.