In terms of sports simulation games, EA dominates. Unsurprisingly, EA recently released Madden 22, the latest entry in the long-running American football video game series. EA Sports published the game and improves on its predecessor by introducing new features and improving existing features. Although the players are enthusiastically buying MUT Coins, the game is still full of bugs, and there are several issues that affect players’ gaming experience.

Although EA seems to work hard to fix these errors, the frequent update of the title seems to have caused some additional problems. Despite this, recent reports from Madden 22 players show that even after completing all relevant daily goals, they cannot get the Midfield pack. Madden’s Midfield pack mainly provides gold or silver cards. For players who want some midfield gold or silver cards and look forward to upgrading their players, this is really frustrating. Because this will save players a lot of MUT 22 Coins.

Players stated they tried to reinstall the game and verify the files, but to no avail. Interestingly, this is not the first time EA has messed up Madden 22 rewards. A few months ago, some players complained about the lack of rewards for single-player matches. One player stated he completed his daily objectives for 3 consecutive days, but he has received no midfield packs. He completed 10 challenges a day and played more challenges and online games to see if he could unlock it. Although I could Buy MUT Coins Madden 22 during the mission, it was disappointing to not receive midfield packs.

Fortunately, EA helped clarify the matter and stated that they knew the Madden 22 Midfield Pack was wrong. However, they did not share any estimated time of arrival regarding when the fix will be released. They stated they are working hard to solve the problem with the Madden 22 midfield bag. Players can pay more attention to their channels, or players can buy Madden 22 Coins to get some powerful players.