Pressure sprayers are an excellent tool for spraying chemicals on lawns and gardens. From fertilizers to herbicides and fungicides, to insecticides, sprayers are ideal for meeting year-round landscaping needs.

Pressure sprayers are very suitable for ordinary household and commercial cleaning purposes. When used for cleaning decks, cars, boats, and other general cleaning tasks around houses, sprayers help save time. When using disinfecting
chemicals in your home or workplace, pressure sprayers provide excellent control.

The over-the-counter concentrated formula can be used for fleas, ticks, bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches and many other pests. Pressure sprayers provide controlled spray to treat specific problem areas. Mold on the deck, under the eaves
and crawl spaces is hard to reach. The power of the pressure sprayer helps deliver the product to hard-to-reach areas, while the telescopic rod helps to spray the product into small cracks, crevices and high places.

In order to get the longest life of your pressure sprayer, please remember to empty, rinse and thoroughly clean the sprayer after each use. This is especially important when switching from chemical to chemical.