New World developer Amazon Games recently revealed that it will “completely revamping” the High Water Mark system of MMORPG to improve its functions and enhance the player’s final gaming experience. Players can also buy New World Gold to enhance their gaming New World Coins. This redo will introduce the “Expertise and Gypsum” system to replace HWM. It will continue to control the highest drop players can get for each slot, but it will also determine the gear efficiency and increase the control of the gear progress. Now, after receiving feedback from many fans, Amazon has confirmed some points that have caused some cheers in Aeternum.

New World developers explained in a forum post that in early 2022, when they reduce the efficiency of equipment to the professional level of players, they will be exempted from the following items. Any items made by players, items they get from missions, and any items they buy from faction stores are exempt. They also stated that when these changes are implemented, the equipment score scaling will only apply to items sold or traded after the patch, so any items gained before this patch will not be affected or reduced.

Elsewhere, the developers explained that major changes in this area will provide players with an alternative way to equip equipment without using specialized systems. In particular, the production will “become more important in New World”, because any item that players put together can be used under the equipment score regardless of Expertise. They can always choose faction stores and quest items, and the developers plan to add more in the future.

The blog post also covers other changes, but the golden nugget that seems to make the community cheer about is the new look watermarking system. The upcoming scaling changes are not applicable to the items owned by players. The message is carefully crafted. Follow the response from this subreddit post. There is no definitive news about when these changes will affect live games, but Amazon has given a “early 2022” window. So if players want to get better performance in the game, they need to buy New World Gold.