New World is far from health at the moment. Following the hugely successful launch in early October and a peak of over 900,000 players, the MMO player base has been steadily declining. Although many players have bought New World Gold in advance, according to data, in less than two months, the number of concurrent players in New World has dropped to 10% of its peak, and the first major game patch has arrived. Including the new Void Gauntlet weapon, it hardly prevented the outflow.

Instead, Redditor and Steam commentators who publish new posts every day yelled, amplifying the voices of disgruntled players. Many players who New World Coins Buy before are also dissatisfied. The immediate prognosis does not look good, and this is not because of lack of intervention. The crisis response team of Amazon Game Studios releases patches every week, launches test servers, and thoroughly communicates and explains the problems they face, but this is not enough.

Some players said that in the first few weeks, he played New World for hundreds of hours. He helped establish a thriving guild and joined the server community. However, when he logged in a few weeks ago, he found his guild was shattered, the vault was empty, and the New World Gold he had accumulated before was gone. Their territory has been lost. To make matters worse, the Discord server of the New World faction has been deleted.

When the server transfer was added, the trouble began. This introduces a repetitive error that allows players to get many RPG New World Coins and resources quickly, even the best equipment in the game. The problem was quickly resolved with a patch, but then the update introduced more bugs. For several weeks, each update caused more problems than fixed, so Amazon Game Studios took emergency measures: once again disable wealth transfer, and then again when another vulnerability was exposed. After players started receiving random huge amounts of cash, the EU server just rolled back, so this is far from over. No wonder the player will leave.