Lineage2M's content in games is designed to Lineage 2M Diamonds allow players to gain experience through consistent gameplay. It is possible to do this in three different ways that you can take advantage of this philosophy:

Class Path: acquisition of "Class" is mostly obtained by using Class Cards. However, because of this 'path' system, players can move up to a higher level of their chosen class when the desired level is reached If you practice consistently you'll surely collect cards and advance in rank.

Codex items acquired through games may not be necessary at first, but this is just before you know about the Codex system This system allows players to increase their levels by using items that they collect while playing. If you play regularly, you'll reach high Codex completion and collect a lot of objects that might not be helpful to your character , or even your class, however, in Lineage2M you'll earn compensatory stats and buffs in exchange for those objects and your work.

Card Fusion: Like every random drawing, you'll sometimes come across duplicate cards from Class and Agathion. By fusing your redundant cards, you can make new cards for Class and Agathion. In fact, there's an opportunity to create an even more powerful card using fusion. Therefore, the more duplicate class/Agathion cards you collect, the higher the likelihood of getting a higher-grade card.

It is designed to play across multiple devices, cheap Lineage 2M Diamonds has the cutting-edge gaming software technology including:PC PURPLE provides an optimized PC and crossplay environment with up-to 4K resolution graphics, as well as the customization of controls keys.