My current goals were 70-st 60 att, and OSRS gold 65 distance... With that stats, along with 34 prayers and 40 def I would have 67 HP and 73 CB. But should I not get to the 65 range and didn't reach a level at any point and get 70 str and 60 t...i would be left with only 72cb.

Also, i utilized the calculator to determine what my hp would be. Plus what also hinders me in achieving my level is that I am a ranger with 78 range and 44 pray and 48 def... I could always just range on him, but the problems is that working 2 accounts is a waste of time... dilemma dilemma.

Sell Dragon Chainbody and Dragon Platelegs to fund Bandos Plate and Bandos Tassets to match my Bandos Godsword. Keep my Dragon armor, Bandos Godsword, and purchase an Santa Hat. Purchase a Dragon Full Helm and sell my Bandos Godsword. I'd still have an axe as buy RuneScape Mobile gold well as an elongated square, and the dragon square. Sell my Bandos Godsword, buy Bandos Plates, and Bandos Tassets and as well as a DragonFire Shield. (I'd still have a whip.)