Obsidian Capse or Legends, Amulet and OSRS gold Fury, Whip Helm Of Neitiznot to be replaced by the runehelm if you've done the fremmenik islands. I used a different setup and completed it at level 86. I'm sure you can do it. If i want to do legends, dragon plate skirts and square shield

I'm not able to rfd due to it taking too long. Also there are a lot of quests and requirements that i must complete before I am allowed to enter the dining room once more. Legends cape is a good option since it's inexpensive to replace.

Would it be worth getting 10K of pure ess and buy RuneScape Mobile gold 70 attack to get a weapon, even when my strength level is 52? Havent done isles yet, started up to the point where I can get to yaks... Is it worth doing? I would like to see the lvl for combat was 70, then i would be right on it and have around 80 mage in the near future!