The current version is no longer the main focus on NBA2king development, and the new version was released in the second year actually features a number of changes and improvements. While the next generation of NBA 2K22 is still not completely perfect in real-time play however, it is clear it as if NBA 2K22 is a more advanced and fully-featured version than the previous season's NBA 2K21.

In terms of the gameplay experience, NBA 2K22's character action speed is considerably improved in comparison with NBA 2K21. The "skating" sensation of the character's modeling in the arena isn't evident, and the consistent and fluid movements will help players experience the real-world experience of a basketball game.

The speed increase of the character's actions has drastically altered the feeling of the game at both sides of the offensive and defensive sides.The shooting speed is much faster and old players must also take some time getting used to the new shooting experience. The shot bar is now changed back to the vertical design that is familiar to series players.

On the defensive side on the defensive side, the computer AI's back defense and other defense actions are faster and more violent and the rate of success of jumps that are strong and pick-and-roll cuts is drastically reduced. In order to complete the offense more efficiently, players might require more complicated strategies.

The most significant update in the new version is the "City of Basketball" in the mode of MC. It is the "City of Basketball" in NBA 2K22 is back in the community mode for 2K18 19. The main storyline is paired with Buy 2K MT PS4 the massive "Basketball City" players must increase their market share through other tasks like fashion and music as well as their basketball careers. Becoming an NBA player who has a complete development of intelligence, morality, physical fitness, art and work.