Alot of people are making new pures for bounty hunter 1 vs 1. However, we dont even know when its going to RuneScape Gold come out, may be in a couple of weeks(not likely at all) or in a year. Do not wait for 1 vs. 1 bounty hunters to create your own pure.

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to accomplish the following. My hp lvl. is 47. I was wondering whether I could kill it with my hp lvl 47. I'm also looking for ways to complete the following quests.

Fight Arena: Cannon or... well thats all I can think of (can you bring a cannon there?) Tree Gnome Village Cannon if you can or... Well thats all i need to think of. I will own the grand tree. Cannon is the only thing I can think of. It is unclear to me why i have this concern. I really need to be able to do these feats with the least amount hp that is possible. I MIGHT mage the tree spirit to find lost city but i am not sure how much hp xp i will get...

I am doing fremmrick trails right now and am stuck on peering the seer. I'm not able to solve the mystery which he has given me: My First is in fish however, not in the ocean. The second is was in birds, but no trees. The third one is in the doors however, not in halls. My final is everywhere however, not everything that I've read in the sals quest guide, but it's not very clear Here's the information:

Peer the Seer can be found just southwest of Buy OSRS Fire Cape the market and wants you to solve his riddle to win his vote. The first step is to open the door and look at the riddle. Every person will be given an individual riddle. You'll have to figure it on your own.