Either Jagex significantly overestimated their player base or RuneScape gold they are hoping for Tuska to be victorious. In the case of the latter we've seen this before with the Falador memorial altar and arguably in the referendum of the past, where Jagex changed the original plan due to overestimating the number of players. The possibilities are endless when you consider the other possibility, it's quite interesting.

The event seems to be structured in a way that discourages winning by the participants. Tuska's damage per attack is small when compared to the daily lifebar. We're now halfway through the second day, and have only done 1/4 of the damage required to win. The day before was a disappointment for the players. This was partly because the tournament was open only for 12 hours rather than 24 hours. Consider the hype surrounding the release that encouraged players to play multiple days in the initial.

There is no incentive for players to attack Tuska more than one time a day, getting reward points only for one raid every day. Given the inability of average RS players to not accept reward points for any kind of content, it's simple to determine that future attacks on Tuska will also fail.

The next question is what happens if Tuska is victorious? Is Zaros going to pull off a bizarre feat that is reminiscent of Deus Ex Machina, saving the world while we pretend it didn't happen? Will future content be about rebuilding Gielinor completely? Jagex has been prepared for this result?

Hey, everyone I am new to this forum. However, I am not new to Runescape. I haven't played for about a week because I've been busy with other things but tonight I tried logging into the game, and it tells me I am banned. I check and it states that I'm permanently banned from using macros or buy rs3 gold farming.