In the game, players can Buy SWTOR Credits to enhance their own strength quickly, but there may be players who want to change their character appearance, then they need to use Appearance Designer to change their character appearance. Here is everything they need to know.

Many players may want to know the difference between Appearance Designer and Appearance Modification Station. There is no mechanical difference between the Appearance Designer kiosk in Cartel Bazaar and the Appearance Modification Station that players can place in the fortress. They are slightly different visually. There is this huge holographic image behind kiost, and the Stronghold project is just a small terminal. When players use them, their functions are exactly the same. Besides changing the appearance, players can also prepare some SWTOR Credits to strengthen themselves.

How does Appearance Designer work in SWTOR? How to preview the character customizations of the players. On the left side of the character customization, players will see a large-scale visual presentation of the current character customization. They can zoom in and out and rotate the graph on the left and right. How to customize the appearance of the character? Players can change their appearance on the right side of the Character Customization panel. Every modification or customization will cost players Cartel Coins. Of course, there are SWTOR Credits in the game, which are also very important to players.

According to the species chosen by the players, they can use different sliders and customization options. Every species change will cost them 792 Cartel Coins. If they previously unlocked the species through inheritance or by buying it from the Cartel market as an unlocker. In fact, in the game, players can also buy SWTOR Credits to upgrade quickly.