Going To Appear For UP Lekhpal Exam- Do’s & Don’ts Are Here For You
The Exam of Uttar Pradesh Revenue Lekhpal is going to take place on 24th July and at this time what you need to do is Revision, Revision & Revision…….

Through this article, I am sharing some do’s and don’ts which you should follow in these last moment in order to score better;-

1. You should attempt the UP Lekhpal Mock Test for a better understanding of the questions and exam pattern. You will get a free cost Mock Test on the Testwale portal.
2. Take care of your physical and mental health. You can do Yoga or Meditation for mental peace and to focus on your study.
3. Practice with UP Lekhpal Previous Year Question Paper, this will assist you to know the difficulty level of the questions. You will get Free UP Lekhpal Previous Year Question Paper PDF at Testwale with the proper solutions to each question bilingually.

1. Don’t read books, as we don’t have much time. Just revise your own notes which you have prepared during the preparation period for the exam.
2. Don’t take stress…, taking stress will affect your study routine.
3. Don’t compare yourself with others. It might demotivate you.

Points to remember:-
1, One night before sitting for the exam, you should set your bag with all the necessary things which are required for the exam.
2. You should manage your time. Skip those questions in which you are facing trouble. To learn time management, you should attempt Online UP Lekhpal Tests.
3. You should start your exam with your strong sections and gradually move towards the weak ones.
4. Take your proper time in reading the questions. Like you should read each question twice before answering it.
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