My name is LaraJasmine I have been serving Rananjay Exports under the capacity of product manager/marketing head for more than 5 years.Rananjay Exports is a global Raw Crystel Jewelry manufacturing firm based in USA which deals in more than a hundred varieties of gemstones and a choice of metals and vermeil. We use only authentic and ethically sourced gemstones to create jewelry loved by jewelry resellers worldwide. Each jewel that bears the signature of Rananjay Exports will come with a promise of quality. We aim to make the overall purchase experience extremely convenient and rewarding for our authorized members.
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  • Fancy Type Agate Jewelry Pendant
    This cryptocrystalline variety of silica provides balance to the physical and emotional state. Agate is widely accepted for its intriguing hues and formation. They have been a part of human civilization for the last 3000 years and are available in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Poland, India, Australia, and the united states. Although they can be found in a variety of rocks, but are common in metamorphic rocks. Wearing agate jewelry promotes creativity to the mind and cleansing to the chakras, thus fosters health and openness. And rananjay exports provide fine quality wholesale agate jewelry to enhance your gemstone collection with authenticity.
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  • Amazing Silver Handmade Agate Jewelry
    Agate Crystal is very unique and comes in different shapes and sizes. Some have colorful bands over them and each stone is different from the other. Each color depicts different meaning and harmonizes different chakras present in your body. Agate Metaphysical Properties include protection from any evil eye and negative energies. Agate Jewelry is highly famed for its rare beauty and the designs made from these crystals turn out to be a great head-turner. To add exclusive Agate and other Gemstone Jewelry designs to your wardrobe, explore Rananjay Exports. It a trusted Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry manufacturer and supplier.
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