Massive Male Plus True, the ladies have these intimate parts securely hidden. These parts are pulled from the clitoris inside the walls of the vagina and reach approximately 8-9 cm in length. When excited, they fill with blood and swell - just like normal people. "With whom to go on vacation?" - not such a simple question as it seems. Having traveled with a girl to Cuba, you will never forgive yourself for lost opportunities to have fun, and if you are a bachelor in Egypt, you will look forward to returning home, languishing in spermotoxicosis. Sex tourism is a drug addiction from its own irresponsibility and false Don Juanism. But despite this, the cities in which "your samovar" will be a burden, and countries where it is better to be in pairs, will still have to tell. THAILAND According to official data alone, more than two million Thai citizens are engaged in sexual services. One fifth of all Thai courtesans are men. It's hard not to run into a transvestite here: if you see a very beautiful Thai girl, this is most likely a guy. Moreover, quite young - there are practically no prostitutes over 25 in Thailand. You can get acquainted with the object of desire on the street or in special institutions. For example, in go-go bars, the goods are represented not only by the face, but also by the bust - girls dance topless, and then sit down with visitors and entertain them; for 400-500 baht you can take a beauty to the end of the world. In sex-show bars, visitors watch an almost circus show: naked girls demonstrate their achievements in the field of intimate sports, sometimes dragging on with a cigarette inserted into the vagina, then, conversely, blowing a burning candle with a tool. In the massage parlor, you can choose a girl from several dozen candidates and go with her to the bath, where the client is waiting for massage and sex.