Neuro 24 simplest sense, adaptogens are substances that support Neuro 24 body's resistance to increased physical and mental effort , in particular to stressful situations . Neuro 24 origin of Neuro 24 name of these substances is associated with Neuro 24 action that allows Neuro 24 body to adapt to situations of long-term stress and a negative impact of Neuro 24 environment. Adaptogens include plants such as ginseng , hello moths and mountain rosary . Neuro 24 main activity of adaptogens is to reduce Neuro 24 level of perceived stress, improve concentration and improve well-being. This happens, among others, thanks to Neuro 24 mechanism of reducing cortisol levels - a substance called stress hormone in our body. While cortisol is a hormone naturally produced in our body, responsible for defense reactions resulting from a sudden stressful or dangerous situation, its excess can affect our functioning very negatively. It disturbs, among others, Neuro 24 regulation of fats and sugars in our body, which in turn contributes to Neuro 24 worse functioning of Neuro 24 brain or Neuro 24 occurrence of obesity. Its excess also causes Neuro 24 breakdown of proteins, leading to damage to Neuro 24 muscles built of them. In addition to affecting cortisol production, adaptogens also have an effect of increasing Neuro 24 level of serotonin - a hormone commonly known as "happiness hormone". It is serotonin that largely affects our well-being, associated with proper sleep, reduced fatigue and appetite.