I stayed at on the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield to get my drygore mace, by way. I'm not returning- it's just too repetitive. I'd like to try something new. Slayer is a great option. Abyssal demon tasks cost 1m/task with no drop. (Get 85 immediately according to me) Warped tortoise is a great task for shells. Easy 500k. Find out which of the following will be average 200k over time. Ascension monsters is likely to be your best bet right now. Many people say Galcors are the best, however they require more effort. The ascension monsters are defeated easily and rune drops are regular to give you a reason to go. I would also highly recommend that you utilize sinkholes for 85 dungeoneering. After that, camp in the frost dragons. Make sure to conduct farms and then sell all the plants. To be honest, I don't understand why you felt it necessary to purchase a drygore mc and especially when you've no money at the moment. Hey , I'm a newbie with 60 Summoning , and I'd like to be 74 in order to can start that quest. I was wondering how long it would take as well as what is the most efficient way to achieve that. Currently I have around 100 Crimson charms as well as 300 Gold charms 100 Green charms, along with 50 blue charms. I also have about 8m to work with although I'm sure I can get more. At the moment, I'm hunting waterflies for crimson charms, and also using the citadel training thing. Is there a quicker way or alternative method (like Killing Bork) that I'm missing out on? I can only play for about 1-2 hours a day, can I realistically expect to get this in the near future? Familiarization is an aspect of D & D that will significantly assist you. It's quite long to describe, so review a Youtube tutorial for the procedure. The benefit of doing Familiarization is that you'll get a 40 minute time-span during which all creatures you kill drop not just a single, nor triple charms, but three. Want to learn more about OSRS gold at https://www.rsgoldfast.com