Gates must be run every day, and only on certain days. They're huge zergs that are pretty easy to run because there are so many people taking part. Again, if you're in the area you'll get a notification. Take a trip to the location and complete it. This should take about 10 minutes. Co-op Voyage Missions can be completed several times a day. You can earn what's known as Gateway keys for these missions, which can be then used later to exchange for other items. Daily Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Combat. These are a really important component of your game plan. You must ensure that you are doing the best content that is available to you. You get enough energy to run 2 Chaos Dungeons a day with max rewards, although you have the option of running the Dungeons multiple times as you like. Guardian Raids can also be repeated twice per day to earn maximum rewards. Be sure to only collect only the Guardian Soul from the highest-level Raid available. You get two harvests per day. Check out our Chaos Dungeon guide here and our Guardian Raid guide here. They both Trade Skills and Rapport have daily timers. Trade Skill energy is reset every day so that you can max out your potential earnings by using the entire 10k energy to trim trees or mine ore. It's a significant amount of energy however it's not recommended to taking your whole day to mine copper ore, don't make use of all of it, particularly not during the start of content for the endgame. Rapport is also reset every day. It is possible to use emotes and songs up to 5 times per day on different characters around the world. It's beneficial to concentrate on one or two characters at a time, perhaps in an area where you've got an Bi Frost for daily tasks or for quests. Want to learn more about Lost Ark Gold at