I've been contemplating making the gloves of the barrows more pure due to the fact that I enjoy melee more than magic or ranged. I've never even been to one, so it's an entirely new kind of pure. Give me your guyses opinions. Thanks! The first thing I'd like to say is that I believe the Runcrafting minigame, the Great Orb Project, is the most lucrative way to earn cash. So get 50 RC ASAP! Train Atk and then Strike Men in Edgeville. Continue to the Guards at the Palace in Al Kharid, and finishing off at the Flesh Crawlers in the second Stronghold of Secruity. The best location for Flesh Crawlers is the south-east corner room. Range: You can train this with men too, as well as at cows. Make use of this safe area between two feeding bowls to the south from the Lumbridge cow patch. After hitting about 20, move to the Minotaurs within one of the levels of Stronghold of Secruity. Choose a room to your taste and then secure it within an enclosure. They drop iron arrows often, which means it's essentially no cost training. About forty or more, you can train for a while at Hill Giants until 50. After 50, return on the flesh crawlers inside that south-east corner of the room. You can safe spot these in the corner of the door closest to the wall. This is the case for both doors. (You can easily earn 75 Str/Range from flesh crawlers.) If you're hungry visit world 1, in which people are power fishing and offer free salmon or trout. Magic: Practice using the magic dumbies until it prevents you from doing so. Once you have achieved the required level of magic to be able to cast several curses. You can cast these curse spells on the Zamorak monk in Varrock Castle. Want to learn more about OSRS gold at https://www.rsgoldfast.com/RS-3.Gold