The game "NBA 2K22", players no longer have to be defensive and be able to play at a high level in at every NCAA college game, as playing for a college team is one of the many MP possibilities! You can decide to join the NBA through college basketball through traditional means, or sign up for G League, the National Basketball Development League G League and even cross either the school or G League to directly announce their participation in the draft. Of course, the rank of Draft is based on the players' level of proficiency as well as the level of fans. Quantity! It is the year of the level of freedom for the game is higher than in previous years, but the pressure on players will be less. Let us take a brief note as an example. Take part in NCAA and then be eliminated in the semi-finals, then during the G League finals, and finally announced directly to participate as a draft team. After that, they were selected by Denver Nuggets. Even though they're an emergency player at the beginning, but if You have a good performance at completing assignments, you'll soon be able to become a starter. MyCareer mode provides players with an experience that is different from their career. Nintendo as the less expensive alternative to the consoles of the last generation world was known for cutting the quality of the most popular sports game titles This was evident in the release of 2K21. Therefore, the question is whether it is worth purchasing 2k22 as a console with a price that is comparable to the other last-gen and next-gen consoles? This review will discuss some of the most important features that 2k has highlighted, and observations through some 30 hours of gameplay, and focusing on Nintendo Switch, as some of the major changes in NBA 2k22 can't be played on previous-gen consoles. Want to learn more about Nba 2k22 Mt at