Conclusion When your non-void based bonuses to equipment reach their maximum (for example, Onyx or Berserker Rings (i), Completionist Cape, Chaotic Maul, Amulet of Fury) The void will get more worthwhile. If you're using something less powerful than a godsword better off with Bandos and barrows gloves. In general, it's not worth it to melee using deflectors unless possess Dragon defender and are low leveled and/or have a very weak equipment in general. The range is void for any deflector or body: You sacrifice a lot of precision, but in this instance it is usually worth it. It is the most accurate way to attack and the added damage can have a positive effect (I'm sure amJordan could testify on the basis of this recent Armadyl fight). I'm not 100% on this but I'm confident that mage void will produce the same result as melee. With the void feature and maximum gear, you'll get somewhere in the 80s or 90s when it comes to magic attack bonus. When you compare this to Ahrims as well as the similar secondary equipment, you'll see much more than 30 percentage difference (favoring ahrims). There are still some uses for voids, they're only a few and far from being common. I believe that 4 strength was used to equal one damage, meaning that for each point of strength you'd get 1 point of damage, if the strength level doesn't change. If this still holds true and I'm not certain whether it's because I'm long retired (kinda), then it's simple to determine the value from The Melee Void set. The most fundamental answer is that they're all great even though some of them might be more expensive than other gear however, they're still useful items to gain. In theory yes, but we don't know when it stacks with prayers, if it's additive/multiplitive and other bonuses, like salve etc Want to learn more about OSRS gold at