We also have improved the display of OSRS gold statistics for weapons. You can hover over an item of equipment to view its stats, and color-code any modifications or decreases in your combat statistics. This is extremely useful when you are working with new equipment.

We're also changing the way combat level calculations are done. We will replace the current 138 max design with a simpler calculation: X + defence level +2 = your level of combat. (X = your highest stat level from Magic or Attack, Ranged or Strength). This will make the new maximum combat level 200

We're making this change solely because determining your Combat level is, currently, confusing and confusing for both novice as well as experienced players. We're eliminating any influence on your Combat level from Summoning, Prayer and Constitution levels. Although they provide a clear and beneficial impact, trying to show that on the Combat level calculation is complex and isn't really necessary.

Encouraging challenging fights. This is the biggest aspect of the Evolution of Combat update. We are changing the balance of all NPCs in PvE combat to ensure they are more compatible with players of cheap RuneScape Mobile gold a similar skill levels. This involves providing NPCs magical and ranged attacks in order to position them in the triangular combat.