How to Store Garden Tools During Winter
The time has come, the evenings are getting shorter and winter is coming closer in big steps. When the last fallen leaves have been raked, the lawn has been mowed and the secateurs have had their last use, the gardening equipment change their places with the snow shovels, then rusting in peace over the winter. In spring, the disappointment is big.

In order to enjoy your tool again in the coming year, you should thoroughly clean it before storing it and treat it with suitable care products. It would be annoying at the beginning of the new gardening season to stand in front of a hill of rusted, dull and dirty tools. Those who heed the following tips and tricks for storage, can start gardening the next year immediately!

Clean and Seal the Spade, Shovel and Co
Tools that come into contact with soil during daily use should be thoroughly cleaned before storage. The first thing to do is remove soil, loam and similar staining with a brush under running water. The longer you wait here with the cleaning, the more laborious the work becomes.

Simple steel wool is generally enough to remove light rust and flash rust. However, it is best to remove fresh rust or stubborn dirt with a wire brush. After processing the metal parts are rubbed with machine oil, so a rust attack in the cold season is prevented.

After the metal parts have been cleaned and sealed, you should take a look at the wooden handles of the tools. If a handle is damaged or even broken, now is the time to replace it. If the handle is in good condition and above all clean, rub it with a wooden oil. The oil is best carried on with an old rag. As a result of this treatment, the wood does not dry out so quickly, stays smoother and, above all, prolongs its shelf life.

The Right Storage for Digging Tools
Since spade, shovel, rake, pick and co accumulate a considerable financial value over time, multifunctional garden tools is especially during the cold season important to store them properly. If you simply lean the tools against the wall, they are relatively likely to fall over by and by. In order to avoid such trip hazards from the beginning, there are various products on the market which simplify the organization of tools on the wall. Most common are hooks that pick up the tools on the handle and hold securely to the wall. So the devices are safely stowed and continue to provide fast access if needed.

Clean and Oil Branch and Rose Scissors
Branch and rose scissors tend to resinify, especially in the area of moving parts. As long as the resin has not dried, it is still not a problem. If the resin dries during the winter period, the hinges will be difficult to handle in the coming year. For this reason, you should disassemble such devices before storage as far as possible and release them of resins and other impurities. automatic chainsaw works best with benzine or olive oil. Now is also the right time to sharpen blunt edges or let them sharpen. After cleaning, you also furnish the metal parts with a little machine oil to prevent any rust.