There are many reasons why people choose a home chest freezer as their ideal piece of freezing equipment. To help you make a more informed choice when it comes to your freezer device, we've covered some of the key plus points below.

Chest freezers can handle more
If you have a big family or need to use a freezer to store food for a communal space, then you need a lot of storage capacity, and you can't afford for any possible storage space to be wasted. Chest freezers are an ideal choice in this situation, as they are simply able to hold more food per square foot than any other type of freezer.

Consider your storage needs before you buy. If you think you could use that extra bit of storage space, this is the unit for you.

Chest freezers are more efficient
As the door of a chest freezer opens and closes vertically, the weight of the door itself helps to create a tighter seal than you might achieve with another type of freezer. This makes the seal itself more reliable and reduces the chance of any cold air escaping - a potentially expensive mishap which can add to your utility bills.

Because cold air sinks rather than rises, and the hatch is at the top of the unit, cold air is less likely to escape when you open the door to access the contents of the freezer. This is another important factor which makes the unit more efficient to run than other types of freezer.

Chest freezers are kinder to users
Chest freezers are less likely to frost up around the hatch entrance, which makes them kinder to the hands of users when it comes to reaching in to access the contents stored inside.

You may also have experienced the horrible realization that you have left the freezer door open, causing damage to the freezer mechanism and any of your stored food inside. With a chest freezer, it is very difficult to leave the freezer door open by accident without intentionally blocking or wedging it open with another object. This translates to increased peace of mind when using the equipment in your home.

Chest freezers are less likely to damage food
You are looking to purchase a freezer unit because you want to keep your food and ingredients fresh and usable. With this in mind, you don't expect your freezer unit to damage the items you wanted it to protect. This can happen with some freezer units, as freezer burn and frosting ruin ingredients. However, the configuration of a medical oxygen concentrator makes this less likely to be the case.