Every motorist visits markets and supermarkets from time to time, and there is not always the ability to immediately bring food home. Someone may get into a traffic jam, someone may have pressing matters after the market, etc. In such cases, a car electronic refrigerator helps out. It’s a portable device that allows you to maintain a temperature not higher than 4-5 degrees Celsius. But you shouldn’t approach the issue of buying a refrigerator hastily. This purchase must be balanced and thoughtful.
Things to consider when buying a car refrigerator
To choose the right model, you should determine:
The duration of the trip or journey. For short walks, a cooler bag with thermal insulation is suitable. Pre-cooled products are stored for up to 8 hours in it. For trips lasting 12-24 hours, you can purchase a bag-container, more than 24 hours – a refrigerator powered by a car battery, electricity or gas.
Trip conditions (air temperature, quality of the road surface) – at high air temperatures (over +35°C), only compressor or absorption refrigerators are suitable for a long trip. However, both of these types don’t like vibrations, so it isn’t advisable to take them on off-road trips.
How many products you take – depends on the number of travelers. For one person, a refrigerator with a capacity of up to 5 liters is enough, for three or four people – 30-40 liters and more.
When choosing a car refrigerator, it is important to pay attention to:
– the refrigerator’s volume;
– capacity;
– minimum cooling temperature inside the cooler and deep freezing temperature inside the freezer (if any);
– resistance to vibrations and tilts while driving;
– noise level during operation;
– weight;
– overall dimensions (the ability to cool containers of a certain height, for example, two-liter plastic bottles, depends on the height of the cooler);
– production materials;
– price.
The car fridge refrigerator’s design, color solution and shape of the cooler are almost ignored, since they are insignificant in comparison with the parameters already listed.