Backpack Sprayer Manufacturers’s Sprayer Features: Strap yourself in & make spraying a breeze with the Lever Action Backpack Sprayer. Designed for the homeowner & commercial user, this sprayer is light as a feather & has incredible comfort with adjustable shoulder straps. Featuring a lever action piston pump that can be easily converted from a left hand to right hand operation. Built-in strainers & screen to prevent clogging & maintain spray pressure. Save energy with the easy to reach built-in carry handle lid for easy transport & when the job is done, easily store with the side tank lance clips. No-mess filling with a wide-mouthed tank lid opening for less spillage. Perfect for all kinds of chemical including herbicides, pesticides, insecticides & other liquids. Comes with complete spare parts & quality Viton seals for increased durability. Backed by a two-year warranty on pump & components.
Spray Tips: This lever action backpack sprayer includes four unique spray tips for a wide range of applications. (1) Flat fan spray tip, (1) Conical spray tip, (1) Dual conical spray tip, and (1) 4-Hole adjustable spray tip.
Pesticide Sprayer Company's Coverage: This 4 gallon backpack sprayer is designed to be used for spraying low volume isolated outdoor and indoor areas. Easily handles weeds, gardens, bushes. Spray disinfecting indoors on counters, door knobs, tables and other high-traffic surfaces.