Applications for Terminal Blocks in Industrial Settings
Electrical Terminal Blocks are commonly used in industrial equipment such as wired support boxes and control boxes. It’s common to see terminal blocks in the following types of equipment used in industrial settings:
Control panels
Electrical substations
Energy efficient lighting (LED)
LED municipal outdoor and street lighting
All Electrical Machinery
Refrigeration control
Variable speed/frequency drivers
Anywhere power is distributed!
Which type of terminal block you require depends on a few factors.
Since there are several types of terminal blocks available, it’s vital to know which one is the right choice before installation.
Current Requirement
The current requirement is the most important thing to consider when choosing which type of terminal block to use. That’s because if too much current is pushed through a terminal block, it can overheat and destroy the terminal block.
Make sure the terminal block can handle the expected use of the current and then add 50% more just to be safe.
Voltage Requirements
Taking the voltage amount into consideration is also important. Otherwise, the voltage can cause problems with dielectric breakdown.
The voltage may be too high for the terminal block and cause current leakage between terminal blocks that are located in close proximity. Be aware that high voltage requirements are rare in design.
Most of the time, voltage considerations are ignored for voltages under 100V. Despite this, it’s still a good idea to check the voltage prior to choosing a terminal block.
Wire Being Used
Wires are not made equally. Each wire type comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
Make sure when choosing a terminal block for a cable to know the size of the cable. It needs to physically fit into the terminal block.
Find out if it’s a single-core or multi-core because multi-core wires work better with screw terminals. Meanwhile, single-core wires work better with push-fit connectors.
Environmental and Mechanical Strength
Consider the environment when choosing a terminal block. Some terminal blocks are made to be mechanically strong. They can handle high currents.
However, if the connection is used in naval environments, the salt air can corrode the metal contacts.
What environment the Terminal Block Manufacturers’s terminal block is used in can create wide temperate swings and/or contain mechanical vibrations. If that happens, the screw terminations can become unreliable.