Then you cannot even tag anyone. My best guess for RuneScape gold a tag would be a rubber chicken or carrot hit. But even that doesn't have the function of clan. What are the games you can play that you aren't able to tag anyone?

This is why most of my game ideas are useless. My idea to adapt 40-40 home into RS to allow me to play somewhere like Varrock Town Centre. I need to establish a goal for my runners. Also, I need to allow my defenders to catch them. Finally, I need some way to let the defenders perform their duties. They'll be outnumbered and need an advantage that can be enforced. Also, I need to keep the game transparent so that cheaters aren't able to get away with it. What do I need to do now? Not a lot.

Let's look at some options. Let's begin with a tagger. A clan function tagger is an item that lets you to send a message to your clan if you catch a hit player. The tagger could even be allowed to hit any person within a certain area.

Secondly, some sort of shield of invisibility. "But what?! That would be so irritating and a lot of newbies could annoy me by appearing invisible!" I hear you cry however I was thinking of that - this will just make you invisible (and remove the dot) to the members of your clan, and cheap OSRS gold only in a non-PvP environment. This one might be technically challenging.