The idea is that OSRS gold a volcano has risen in Karajama and explorers move in and die inside. You're sent in by the bartender, who suspects something, on Karajama to investigate the disappearance of these men.

If you move indoors, it looks like your normal volcano, but there are Zamorak monks. He tells that 3 foreigners were investigating they were murdered by Inferno Skeletons and he tells you to take out the bones since it's producing the Inferno Skeletons angry and occasionally assaulting the Zamorak monks. These skeletons kill anyone, but Zamorak monks. The concept of the game is to locate the bodies of the men,that are safeguarded by Inferno Skeletons, in an attempt to complete the Bartenders request.

The archers in this minigame are some of the most important. They are accountable for telling the warriors what is coming there way as they are usually on the high ground. However if the place gets overrun, the archers will be told catch their bows and arrows and then return to the Salve. Before they get overrun thoughthey have the ability to perform several options.

Sneak around and strike the Myortanian camp or stay on the high ground and snipe the attackers. When you're attacking, you'll have only 1 interface, a combat interface. When every-man-for-himself is evaporating, it is time to return into the Salve. When you get Old school runescape gold back to the Salve you are advised to build barricades and establish a raft to begin getting out the wounded. As soon as you are told what to build, you'll have 2 minutes before the vampires get into the Salve.