In the end, getting the first hit isn't always possible as Corpse Piler will drain your resources and make you vulnerable it is possible that you will be being a victim of skilled adversaries in PvP. This being said Elden Ring Runes, we've come up with the perfect Rivers of Blood PvP build that, if handled correctly, will be able to compete against any opponent, in any circumstance.

In the order that follows in the following order, you'll want to concentrate on dividing your attributes into Arcane, Endurance, Vigor, and Dexterity. It's crucial to keep them all equally high, but--ignoring what it says in Rivers of Blood item description declares--your primary DPS metrics are Arcane followed by Dexterity in that order.

It is likely that you won't spend a lot of points on Strength, which accounts for the least to the amount of damage produced by Rivers of blood. Regarding the other three attributes the only thing you really need is to be able to max your Mind by 20 or, at a minimum, 25. Also, you don't have any points in Intelligence or Faith even if you have any.

If you can increase your four main stats by at least 50 apiece and then subsequently choose to go into magic later (once you've reached level 175+ or thereabouts) you may find advantages to investing in Faith which permits the use of powerful dragon roars as well as other spells that buy Elden Ring weapons offer additional strength for attack for example, Golden Vow or Flame, which grants Me Strength.