When players reach level 3 in Lost Ark and try to increase their item level, they need to acquire more Simple Oreha Fusion Material. However, it is not easy for players to find them in the game. This guide will give players a way to get Simple Oreha Fusion Material in Lost Ark, players can also visit MMOWTS for more details.

While players can enter Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids to obtain Stone Crystals and Leapstones, players will not find any Oreha Fusion Material in them. In fact, in Lost Ark, players can obtain Simple Oreha Fusion Material in three ways, by crafting it in the player's stronghold, buying it from Mari's Secret Shop, and buying it from the Auction House.

The cheapest way to obtain Fusion Materials is to craft it in the player's garrison. Players will receive 30 Oreha Fusion Material items for each batch made. However, several steps need to be completed in advance. First, players will need to research how fusion materials are made in the research lab of the stronghold. Player choices will include fishing, digging, and hunting.

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These options will determine the materials needed to craft the materials and how to obtain each item. After completing the research, the player will find the crafting recipe under "Special" in the Garrison Workshop. Depending on the options the player researches, the player will need different crafting materials and gold. Players will need crafting items from specific trade skills to craft fusion materials.

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If the player is having difficulty finding rare materials, the player can bring common-level items to the Roster Resource Exchange NPC. Players will find NPCs southwest of the Trader in their stronghold. Players can exchange these items for trade skill powder, which the player can then use to buy rare crafting materials.

If players don't have much time to farm these items in-game, they can also buy Simple Oreha Fusion Material from the auction house or Mari's store. However, this requires players to pay some Lost Ark Gold. Players can quickly get a lot of Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS. Delivery speed is one of the important advantages of MMOWTS compared to other suppliers. Their professional team ensures that players receive their products as quickly as possible.