Anyone who loves Lost Ark knows that a new set of skins is coming to the game. As part of the developer's ongoing compensation campaign, all Lost Ark players can claim animal skins for free after scheduled weekly maintenance and updates. Animal skins complement the deeper Omen skins. Welcome to MMOWTS for more information.

In addition to the player-selected animal skin, players will also receive a Mokokon pet and a unique hoverboard mount called the Moko-board, which players can also choose from appearances. It's unclear if it will be automatically added to the player's account, and if the player wants to be sure to receive the item, it's best for the player to log into their account.

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Even though players got some nice skins, the compensation still felt bittersweet. The developers are working hard to solve a lot of problems in the game. On top of that, there is still much to be released in the West that many fans are eagerly awaiting. Many special raids are missing, and even though there's a lot of content in the game, there's no real end-game experience.

Legion raids are still not in the game at the moment, but the developers announced that they will come when enough players reach the level required to participate in the raids. This Lost Ark Gold compensation campaign, and the developer's public acknowledgment of the state of the game, is a huge step in the right direction. With such a huge game, it's impossible to get it right. So, players have to be patient.

The content that does appear in the game is primarily for PvP, which is exciting for many players. Players should be prepared to spend their Valor Coins if they want to experience PvP content. Which is the Best Site to Buy Lost Ark Gold? I think it's If players are missing Lost Ark Gold in the game, don't worry, MMOWTS is ready to offer all players the cheapest Lost Ark Gold on the market.