In Lost Ark, Prideholme Village is the perfect place for players to collect Mokoko Seeds, and it's one of the most accessible areas in the game. Players can find the first Mokoko Seed next to Prideholme Vista Point at the base of the big tree. This is the easiest seed for players to find. By the way, is the best choice for players to buy Lost Ark Gold.

If the player is crowded when visiting the location, just move the mouse around until the player sees the "Interact" icon. Players will find a second Mokoko Seed next to the Lion Statue in the main square. Players will likely notice it when visiting Working Achatemeow during the "Learning About Pets" quest, or even when using Vista Point next to a large tree.

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Players can find the third Mokoko Seed at the fountain to the left of NPC Gaiglock and Ruden, between the tree and the marble staircase leading to Prideholme Cathedral. Players are easily spotted when approaching marble stairs, so players need to be extra careful. Players can find the Mokoko Seed to the right of the mailbox and to the left of the plaza bulletin board, although it blends well with the grass shade.

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At Garden Pots, players will be able to find the first truly "hidden" Mokoko seeds. This is usually how players find Mokoko seeds in the wild. While the player cannot see it anywhere on the Lost Ark Gold map, if the player approaches the area to the left and behind the NPC Traveler Kadin, following the flowerpot next to the house, they can see an "interaction" of a grey hand or "look" icon.

The player can trigger the action of picking up the Mokoko Seed by pressing "G". Mokoko Seed can help players trade for goodies in Tortoyk's Mokoko Village later in the game, so having enough Mokoko Seed is very beneficial. Also, with the help of MMOWTS, any player can buy more safe Lost Ark Gold for less money.