In Lost Ark, choosing a class is a very important decision, and it often determines how the player experiences the game. Class affects a player's stats, abilities, and sometimes even the race and gender available to the player in the character creation tool. By the way, MMOWTS is currently selling Lost Ark Gold at a low price, and players are welcome to visit and purchase.

Lost Ark has five different classes, each class has its own specialties and abilities, players can choose freely. While each class has its own advantages and challenges, some Lost Ark Buy Gold players may be better suited to one or the other. Therefore, many players are wondering if it is possible to change the class in the game. Unlike some other popular MMOs, Lost Ark actually locks the player's character into a player-chosen class.

Therefore, if the player wants to change his class, the player must start a new character. While this may sound frustrating to some players, there is an item that will boost new characters to level 50, meaning players can enjoy endgame content with new characters. Players can get a Powerpass by completing the main quest Irene's Gift.

The player can use it on any character selected via the main menu. It's worth noting that players will need to first complete the Adventurer's Path quest with their new character in order to gain the boost. Powerpass is by far the best option for players other than starting an entirely new character from scratch. Buying Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS for long-term support is also necessary if players want to get great performance in the game.